As a tween in the early 90s in the Philippines, I thought that Inday is this kind woman like Mama Mary who is always full of love no matter what. A couple of years passed before I learned the correct lyrics of this popular Whitney Houston song. Excuse me, but there was no Google back then where you could verify what you heard on the radio/TV/your neighbor’s karaoke. We only had “songhits” magazines and I wasn’t bothered to spend my allowance on those.
It would take me four decades of living on this planet to learn that there is a word for misheard words that alter a popular phrase or term.
At least I’ve avoided feeling like a damp squid. In this doggy dog world, there is no excuse to behave like a bowl in a china shop. Okay, let’s now nip this in the butt. For all intensive purposes, thank you Susie Dent.