Currently on website 16 of a 23, possibly 24 websites project. Writer’s block strikes and I go online, as one does. Of course, I come across this article from Wired and I really have to get on with coming up with good prompts because so far what I get from ChatGPT is shit. 

My favorite part of the article:

That definition of writing couldn’t be more different from the way AI produces language: by sucking up billions of words from the internet and spitting out an imitation. Nothing about that process reflects an attempt at articulating an individual perspective. And while people sometimes romantically describe AI as containing the entirety of human consciousness because of the quantity of text it inhales, even that isn’t true; the text used to train AI represents only a narrow slice of the internet, one that reflects the perspective of white, male, anglophone authors more than anyone else. The world as seen by AI is fatally incoherent. If writing is my attempt to clarify what the world is like for me, the problem with AI is not just that it can’t come up with an individual perspective on the world. It’s that it can’t even comprehend what the world is.

From: Confessions of a Viral AI Writer