I saw a dead snake by the road this afternoon while walking home from Wells. Back in the Philippines (or at least in the places where I lived in the Philippines), this is what people do when they encounter a snake in their houses or gardens:


  1. Get a bolo. Or sundang. Depends on what you have.
  2. Kill the snake. Whether it is venomous or not is irrelevant. (I don’t agree with this.)
  3. Throw the carcass in the middle of the road.

It gets run over so many times until it’s flattened and shredded to tiny bits, with those bits eventually washed out by the rains. I don’t know why people do this. I’ve always wondered, why not bury it?

Anyway. So that was today. Yesterday, I came across a snake (one that was very much alive) during my (hopefully, thrice a week) morning run. I’m not superstitious so I won’t google what coming across snakes, one dead one alive, on consecutive days, means. Coincidences become portents very easily when one goes down that rabbit hole. But I’m so tempted.